Our commitment

Arsys is a responsible company committed to sustainable development.

As it is demonstrated by the significant progress since the popularization of Internet, Information Technologies are accelerating the development of Society. Therefore, ICT is not only the object of our business activity. The Development of the Knowledge Society is at the heart of Arsys' Corporate Social Responsibility model.

From the General Management to the latest addition to our company, we apply this model to all our internal processes and to the different actions derived from providing technology services, expressing it through a threefold commitment to our Clients, the Environment and Society.

  • Committed to our Clients

    At Arsys, we are committed to providing our customers with the outsourcing infrastructure solution they need to bring their technology projects to life:

    • Our team is made up of over 270 people, who are passionate about technology and helping our clients to benefit from the competitive advantages of ICT with complete peace of mind.

    • We develop the most innovative technological solutions and make them available for our clients' ICT projects. This is why we've have launched projects such as our Data Centre and our advanced solutions like CloudBuilder.

    • We're at our clients' service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our own Contact Centre, which is considered one of the best in the industry.

      Our team provides every kind of user the technological solution they need, and it does so through multiple channels: Client Area, email, social networking.

      The development of a technological solution goes beyond the technical specifications of the project; it requires a support service which meets the clients' expectations.

      Our commitment to our clients is so strong that most of our services are guaranteed for 30 days, a trial period where you can unsubscribe at no cost.

  • Committed to the Environment

    Arsys combines all the technological and industrial resources available to ensure the maximum reliability of its services with the highest ratios of energy efficiency. It's all about promoting the responsible use of computer and energy resources so we can benefit from the competitive advantages of ICT in the most efficient manner possible and reduce our carbon footprint.

    Arsys clients also benefit from the latest innovations in Green IT, thanks to a number of different measures:

    • Our new facilities, that incorporate the latest advances in energy efficiency with an elaborate architectural design and advanced air conditioning systems.

    • Various consolidation projects across virtualized environments and cloud hosting platforms. These projects have reduced the number of servers being used, minimized energy consumption and even improving the standard of service.

    • Internal policies of recycling and respect for the environment.

    Together, these measures have reduced the company's energy consumption by 20% , the equivalent of 300,000 kWh per month, counting both the power consumption of servers and the electricity needed to keep them cool

  • Committed to Society

    Arsys encourages Internet use for disadvantaged groups through working with various interest groups, including non-profit organisations and educational institutions.

    Our company helps these initiatives achieve their social objectives and "helps those who help others" by raising awareness about social projects around the world and improving the channels of communication between its associates.

We are responsible

Arsys is more than a company, it's a team of people with a sense of responsibility towards its Clients, the Environment and Society.

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